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Reel 2014

Reel Breakdown

Alvin Valley Promo – Concept, Design, Animation – Alvin Valley
Christmas Display 2012 – Concept, Design, Animation – Eclectic Precision
Jackson 5 Medley – Design, Animation – Motown the Musical, Broadway & National Tour | Video Designer: Daniel Brodie
The Electric Company – Design, Animation – Sesame Workshop
"Options" Lyric Video – Animation, Tracking, Compositing – Dream Machine Creative
Bonnaroo 2013 Line-Up Announcement - Design, Animation – BrodieGraphics
The People Speak – Concept, Design, Animation – History Channel
Ship Approaching Bohemia – Design, Animation – A Winter's Tale, Covent Garden, London | Video Designer: Daniel Brodie
Alvin Valley Promo – Concept, Design, Animation – Alvin Valley
Bonnaroo 2013 Line-Up Announcement – Design, Animation – BrodieGraphics
Bonnaroo Promo – Logo Animation – BrodieGraphics
Christmas Display – Art Direction, Design, Compositing – Eclectic Precision
Stone the Crows – Design, Animation – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, National Tour | Video Designer: Daniel Brodie
I Need to Know – Design, Animation – Jekyll & Hyde, National Tour & Broadway | Video Designer: Daniel Brodie
Madam Xi – Personal Project
Bonnaroo 365 Logo Open – Design, Animation – BrodieGraphics
Christmas Display 2012 – Concept, Design, Additional Animation – Eclectic Precision
Alvin Valley Promo – Concept, Design, Animation – Alvin Valley
Greenwich, Connecticut Holiday Light Show Highlight Reel
I designed and animated projections for a private christmas light display in Greenwich, Connecticut. The sequences were projected onto two 40-foot christmas tree shaped screens. The show was synchronized to music that was broadcast over an FM station so passing cars could tune in. Many thanks to Ray Bruwelheide and Daniel Brodie for their creative contributions, and to the folks at Eclectic Precision for providing the opportunity to work on such a large canvas.
CLICK HERE to watch the full show, as seen on the property.
All work ©Eclectic Precision 2011
The Electric Company
I art-directed, designed and animated this music video for Sesame Workshop's "The Electric Company."
Kanye West Concert Graphics
Over the course of a surreal and sleepless weekend, my friend, projection designer Daniel Brodie had me help him out by creating a couple of animated sequences for Kanye West's concert at Lollapalooza 2011 Chile in Santiago. Over 16 hours I created 8 3 minute animated sequences in total, although only the ones seen on this page were ultimately used. Unfortunately the only footage I can get from this event is dozens of the shaky phone cam videos on youtube.
All work for this project was done for Kanye West through BrodieGraphics, and all photos are courtesy of BrodieGraphics.

Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre
This is one of several projected sequences that I designed for "A Secret History" the show currently (2011) playing in the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre.
Opposing a Social Order
This is my final round submission to a competition held by the History Channel and Aniboom competition. My prize-winning entry, which allowed me the spot in the finals can be seen below:

Imagine That!
This piece is a commission by BBC comedy for the second series of That Mitchell and Webb Look. The audio is from Mitchell and Webb’s radio show That Mitchell and Webb Sound which I transformed into an animated sketch, contributing visual gags of my own.


Animator: Gabriel Aronson
Writer: Mark Evans
Producer: Gareth Edwards
Performer: Robert Webb
Performer: David Mitchell
Executive Producer: Will Saunders
Producer: Natalie Bailey
Performer: Olivia Colman
Performer: James Bachman
Writer: James Bachman
Mrs. Bobbitt
Inspired by the oft gruesome origins of nursery rhymes, I wrote my own rhyme based on a more contemporary scandal. I was inspired by pre-cinema animation and storytelling techniques that were used to portray both children’s stories and riskier fair. The catchy music is by Max Perryment.
This piece experiments with conveying characters through simple forms.
It’s Alaska!
This response to a kinetic typography brief imagines Sarah Palin’s thought process as a broken projector, combining imagery of Real America with the sensationalism of civil defense films and atomic-era sci-fi kitsch.
I Can Never Find the Right Words
I created the scrabble-board inspired titles and end credits for this short film by Sam Bailey.
NYMF 2008 Times Square Ad
This ad appeared on Times Square's Astrovision Screen.
This page contains a collection of short animations I've done, in most cases to teach myself new skills or just play around with some concepts.
Just for fun I decided to animate a character I drew in Illustrator. I can definitely see her being the first of a series of Clue-like character portraits, or an Ocean's 11 style montage.

Experimenting with frame by frame animation in photoshop.

I was listening to a Radiolab podcast about emergence, the study of patterns being built out of many small individual interactions. There was a section about fireflies, which inspired this short clip. Blue Moon is just a vestigial title from an earlier project.

My first foray into Cinema 4D

The fish are created using many golden buttons animated through stop motion on a greenscreen surface, then composited into the background.
We Got Time - Moray McLaren
directed by David Wilson
During my time in London I worked on several of David Wilson's projects at Blink Productions including his Music Video Award-winning promo for Moray McLaren's "We Got Time". Initially I assisted in coloring the record labels, and doing some After Effects compositing. However, after pre-production, David cast me as the wolfman that appears in the second part of the video! The lower half of my face is now immortalized in a music video! Check it out!

You Came Out - We Have Band
directed by David Wilson
The second project I worked on for David involved producing the animatic for this stop-motion video. In addition I helped out on set, making changes to the storyboard as needed, helping out with the stop-motion animation and assisting the art director.